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"An invigorating work, deadly precise in its skewering of individuals , places and things . . . Stylish, despairing and really funny, Fake Accounts . . . adroitly maps the dwindling gap between the individual and therefore the world." —Katie Kitamura, The ny Times review 

A woman during a tailspin discovers that her boyfriend is an anonymous online conspiracy theorist during this “absolutely brilliant combat the bizarre and despicable ways the web has warped our perception of reality” (Elle, one among the foremost Anticipated Books of the Year).

On the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration, a girl snoops through her boyfriend's phone and makes a startling discovery: he's an anonymous internet conspiracy theorist, and a well-liked one at that. Already fluent in internet fakery, irony, and outrage, she's not exactly shocked by the revelation. Actually, she's relieved--he was always a touch distant--and she plots to finish their floundering relationship while on a visit to the Women's March in DC. But this is often only the primary during a series of bizarre twists that expose a world whose truths are shaped by online lies.

Suddenly left with no reason to remain in ny and increasingly alienated from her friends and colleagues, our unnamed narrator flees to Berlin, embarking on her own cycles of manipulation within the deceptive spaces of her lifestyle , from dating apps to expat meetups, open-plan offices to bureaucratic waiting rooms. She begins to think she can't trust anyone--shouldn't the sensation be mutual?

Narrated with seductive confidence and subversive wit, Fake Accounts challenges the way current conversations about the self and community, delusions and gaslighting, and fiction and reality play call at the web age.

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fake accounts lauren oyler

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fake accounts lauren oyler