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This is a world isolated 

by blood—red or silver. The Reds are plebeians, governed by a Silver first class 

possessing god-like superpowers. Also, to Mare Barrow, a 

seventeen-year-old Red young lady from the destitution stricken Stilts, it appears 

like nothing will at any point change. That is until she winds up working 

in the Silver Palace. Here, encompassed by individuals she detests the most, 

Horse finds that, in spite of her red blood, she has a lethal 

force of her own. One that takes steps to obliterate the overall influence. 

Unfortunate of Mare's latent capacity, the Silvers conceal her on display, 

announcing her a tragically missing Silver princess, presently drew in to a Silver 

sovereign. In spite of realizing that one slip up would mean her demise, Mare 

works quietly to help the Red Guard, an assailant opposition bunch, and 

cut down the Silver system. However, this is a universe of double-crossing and lies, 

what's more, Mare has entered a risky dance—Reds against Silvers, ruler 

against ruler, and Mare against her own heart.

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