The Final Revival of Opal & Nev

An impactful anecdotal oral history of the adored rowdy 'pair who shot to notoriety during the 1970s New York, and the dim, loaded mystery that lies at the pinnacle of their fame. 

Opal is a savagely free young lady pushing contrary to what would be expected in her style and mentality, Afro-punk before that term existed. Transitioning in Detroit, she can't envision agreeing to a regular place of employment—notwithstanding her strange looks, Opal accepts she can be a star. So when the hopeful British vocalist/lyricist Neville Charles finds her at a bar's amateur hour, she takes him up on his proposal to make exciting music together for the youngster Rivington Records. 

In mid seventies New York City, similarly as she's discovering her specialty as a feature of a flashy and crazy inventive scene, an opponent band endorsed to her mark waves a Confederate banner at a limited time show. Opal's striking dissent and the viciousness that results set off a chain of occasions that won't just change the existences of those she...

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The Final Revival of Opal & Nev