In Other Words

In Other Words is on a basic level a romantic tale—of a long and now and then troublesome romance, and an enthusiasm that borderlines on fixation: that of an author for another dialect. For Jhumpa Lahiri, that adoration was for Italian, which previously enamored and inverted her during an excursion to Florence after school. Also, despite the fact that Lahiri read Italian for a long time subsequently, genuine authority had consistently escaped her. So in 2012, looking for full inundation, she chose to move to Rome with her family, for "an intense test time, a kind of absolution" into another dialect and world. 
In Rome, Lahiri started to peruse, and to compose—at first in her diary—exclusively in Italian. In Other Words, a personal work written in Italian, researches the way toward figuring out how to put oneself out there in another dialect, and depicts the excursion of an essayist looking for another voice. Introduced in a double language

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