The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love

In a parody from the smash hit creator of Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, two mainstream young ladies strive to out-green each other to catch a kid. 

Design insane Sicilee is a perfect example for over-utilization. Her archrival, Maya, wears refined vintage garments yet hasn't an enlighten what's the food she eats. So when drop-dead ravishing new understudy Cody Lightfoot embarks to spread his eco-ways — and spike the Environmental Club toward a hard and fast Earth Day slam — Sicilee and Maya have their work removed to stand out for him. Imagine a scenario in which Sicilee exchanges her hide boots for strolling shoes (regardless of whether she can't discover the school when she's not inside a vehicle). Imagine a scenario where Maya dresses in plastic jugs and sacks to lecture before the store (until security is called). Or then again could it be that Cody isn't all he' s supposed to be, and that saving the planet truly is a higher priority than intriguing a kid? With her brand name speedy fire mind, Dyan Sheldon shows exactly how young ladies will help love — and what earth — changing acknowledge they may have en route.

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The Crazy Things Girls Do for Love