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At the point when wizardry has gone from the world, and an awful ruler rules from his seat of glass, a professional killer goes to the palace. She doesn't come to execute, however to win her opportunity. On the off chance that she can overcome 23 executioners, cheats, and heroes in a contest to track down the best professional killer in the land, she will end up being the King's Champion and be delivered from jail. 

Her name is Celaena Sardothien. 

The Crown Prince will incite her. The Captain of the Guard will ensure her. 

Furthermore, a princess from an unfamiliar land will turn into the one thing Celaena never suspected she'd have again: a companion. 

Be that as it may, something evil abides in the palace and it's there to execute. At the point when her rivals begin kicking the bucket, horrendously, individually, Celaena's battle for opportunity turns into a battle for endurance and a urgent mission to uncover the wellspring of evil before it annihilates her reality

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