the devil i don't know lk shaw

"A unique, dirty orchestrated marriage Mafia sentiment that you would prefer not to miss! 5+ stars for possessive, defensive Jacob and his sweet Brenna. Satan I Don't Know is an unquestionable requirement perused prologue to an exciting, activity pressed new series!" - Julia Sykes, USA Today top of the line creator 


My dad is kicking the bucket, and I've been gotten back to Brooklyn to have my spot as the top of the Italian organization. Following a long term nonattendance, my first trial of unwaveringness is to wed the granddaughter of the Irish horde's chief. I may not need a spouse, however I'll kill any individual who attempts to hurt her. 

I just expectation she doesn't anticipate love in our marriage. I can't- - will not - love her. Not ever. I don't have it in me. 


My life has consistently been about obligation. At the point when my granddad signs a marriage contract, I become a pawn in a coalition between the Irish and the Italians. By and by, I'm limited by obligation. 

I've generally been imperceptible - the individual who blurs out of spotlight - aside from soon my new spouse starts to see me. 

He's a Brooklyn lord, however will our adversaries annihilate my opportunity to turn into his sovereign?
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