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The stupendous new novel from the top rated writer of CLOUD Map book and THE BONE Clocks, 'quite possibly the most splendidly creative scholars of this, or any nation' (Free). Ideal world Road are the most unusual English band you've won't ever know about. Rising up out of London's hallucinogenic scene in 1967 and fronted by folksinger Mythical being Holloway, guitar diving being Jasper de Zoet and blues bassist Dignitary Greenery, Ideal world Road delivered just two LPs during its brief and blasting excursion from the clubs of Soho and drafty dance halls to Top of the Pops and the cusp of diagram achievement, to wonder in Amsterdam, jail in Rome and a game changing American fortnight in the fall of 1968. David Mitchell's new novel recounts the unexpurgated story of Perfect world Road; of uproars in the roads and insurgencies in the head; of medications, hooligans, franticness, love, sex, demise, craftsmanship; of the families we pick and the ones we don't; of acclaim's Faustian settlement and fame's unbalanced stepping stool. Would we be able to change the world in violent occasions, or does the world change us? Perfect world signifies 'no place' except for could a shinier world be inside handle, if by some stroke of good luck we had a guide?

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