Florence Darrow is a low-level distributing representative who accepts that she's bound to be a well known essayist. At the point when she coincidentally finds some work the associate to the splendid, baffling writer known as Maud Dixon — whose genuine personality is a mystery — apparently the universe is at long last giving Florence's opportunity of a lifetime. 

The course of action appears to be great. Maud Dixon (whose genuine name, Florence finds, is Helen Wilcox) can be thorny, yet she is loaded with pointed shrewdness - on the most proficient method to compose, yet additionally on the best way to live. Florence rapidly falls enthralled with Helen and excitedly goes with her to Morocco, where Helen's new novel is set. In the midst of the vivid roads of Marrakesh and the breeze cleared sea shores of the coast, Florence's life finally feels adequately intriguing to rouse her very own novel. 

In any case, when Florence awakens in the medical clinic after a horrible fender bender, with no memory of the earlier evening — and no indication of Helen — she's enticed to pursue a faster route. Rather than stowing away in Helen's shadow, why not overhaul into Helen's life? Also her top of the line alias . . 

Rigid, twisty, and violently engaging, Who is Maud Dixon is a beautiful suspenseful thrill ride about how far into the murkiness you're willing to go to guarantee the existence you generally needed.

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