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Taking a gander at land isn't generally a critical circumstance, yet a loft open house turns out to be only that when a bombed bank looter rushes in and kidnaps a gathering of outsiders. The prisoners incorporate an as of late resigned couple who determinedly chase down projects to keep away from the agonizing truth that they can't fix their own marriage. There's an affluent bank chief who has been too occupied to even consider thinking often about any other person and a youthful couple who are going to have their first kid yet can't concur on anything, from where they need to live to how they met in any case. Include along with the blend a 87 year-elderly person who has lived long enough not to fear somebody waving a firearm in her face, a bothered yet prepared to-make-a-bargain realtor, and a secret man who has secured himself in the condo's just restroom, and you have the most exceedingly terrible gathering of prisoners on the planet. Every one of them conveys a long period of complaints, damages, mysteries, and interests that are prepared to bubble over. None of them is completely who they have all the earmarks of being. And every one of them—the burglar included—frantically long for a type of salvage. As the specialists and the media encompass the premises these hesitant partners will uncover amazing facts about themselves and set under way a chain of occasions so sudden that even they can scarcely clarify what occurs straightaway.

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