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A painfully delightful work of verifiable fiction that moves between Germany just before The Second Great War and present day Wisconsin, unspooling a string of adoration, aching, and the endless push and pull of family 

Annelise is a visionary: envisioning her future while working at her folks' well known pastry kitchen in Feldenheim, Germany, expecting every one of the heavenly potential outcomes on the way. There are tales that enemy of Jewish feeling is on the ascent, yet Annelise and her folks can't exactly accept that it will influence them; they're not really strict by any means. However, as Annelise falls head over heels, weds, and brings forth her girl, the perils develop nearer: a block tossed through her window; a cherished companion who cuts attaches with her; clients declining to belittle the bread shop. Fortunately Annelise and her better half are allowed the opportunity to leave for America, however they should abandon her folks, whose future and security are unsure. 

Two ages later, in a little Midwestern city,.

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