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From the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists who broke the information on Harvey Weinstein's inappropriate behavior and maltreatment for theNew York Times, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the exciting untold story of their examination and its ramifications for the #MeToo development 

she said jodi kantor pdf For a long time, journalists had attempted to get to reality with regards to Harvey Weinstein's treatment of ladies. Gossipy tidbits about bad behavior had since quite a while ago coursed. Be that as it may, in 2017, when Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey started their examination concerning the unmistakable Hollywood maker for theNew York Times, his name was as yet inseparable from power. During long stretches of private meetings with top entertainers, previous Weinstein representatives, and different sources, many upsetting and since a long time ago covered charges were uncovered, and a trap of cumbersome mystery payouts and nondisclosure arrangements was uncovered. These shadowy settlements had for quite some time been utilized to shroud inappropriate behavior and misuse, however with an advancement revealing strategy Kantor and Twohey assisted with uncovering it. Be that as it may, Weinstein had dodged examination previously, and he was not going down without a battle; he utilized a group of high-profile legal counselors, private specialists, and different partners to foil the examination. At the point when Kantor and Twohey were at long last ready to persuade a few sources to go on the record, an emotional last confrontation among Weinstein and theNew York Timeswas set rolling. 

Nothing might have arranged Kantor and Twohey for what followed the distribution of their underlying Weinstein story on October 5, 2017. In no time, an authentic Pandora's crate of inappropriate behavior and misuse was opened. Ladies all around the world approached with their own horrible stories. Over the course of the following a year, many men of all social statuses and industry were outed following charges of bad behavior. In any case, did an excess of progress - or adequately not? Those inquiries lingered palpably months after the fact as Brett Kavanaugh was assigned to the High Court, and Christine Blasey Portage approached to affirm that he had attacked her many years sooner. Kantor and Twohey, who had one of a kind admittance to Portage and her group, uncover the odyssey that drove her to approach, the mind-boggling powers that came to bear on her, and what occurred after she imparted her claim to the world. 

In the practice of incredible analytical journalism,She Saidtells an exciting tale about the force of truth, with stunning new data from covered up sources. Kantor and Twohey depict not just the outcomes of their announcing for the #MeToo development, yet the moving and influencing excursions of the ones who shouted out - for different ladies, for people in the future, and for themselves.

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