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the nickel boys by colson whitehead Creator of The Underground Railroad, Colson Whitehead splendidly performs another strand of American history through the narrative of two young men condemned to a horrendous change school in 1960s Florida. 

Elwood Curtis has taken the expressions of Dr Martin Luther Ruler to heart: he is on par with anybody. Deserted by his folks, raised by his adoring, severe and aware grandma, Elwood is going to take on the neighborhood dark school. In any case, since time is running short and the spot, one honest misstep is sufficient to obliterate his future, thus Elwood shows up at The Nickel Foundation, which professes to give 'physical, scholarly and moral preparing' which will prepare its detainees to become 'noteworthy and legit men'. 

Truly, the Nickel Foundation is an office of detestations, where physical, enthusiastic and sexual maltreatment is overflowing, where degenerate authorities and dealers do an energetic exchange supplies planned for the school, and where any kid what resists' identity is probably going to vanish 'out back'. Dazed to wind up in this horrible climate, Elwood attempts to clutch Dr Lord's ringing attestation, 'Toss us behind bars, and we will in any case cherish you.' However Elwood's kindred prisoner and new companion Turner thinks Elwood is gullible and more awful; the world is abnormal, and the best way to endure is to copy the brutality and skepticism of their oppressors. 

The strain between Elwood's vision and Turner's suspicion prompts a choice which will have long term repercussions. 

In view of the historical backdrop of a genuine change school in Florida that worked for a very long time and distorted and obliterated the existences of thousands of youngsters, The Nickel Young men is an overwhelming, driven account by an incredible American author whose work is crucial for understanding the current truth of the US.

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