"Tahmima Anam deftly utilizes humor to investigate both beginning up culture and the establishment of marriage in a completely beguiling and truly insightful manner." — Rumaan Alam, creator of Abandon the World 

Love birds Asha and Cyrus assemble an application that replaces strict ceremonies and before long wind up running quite possibly the most well known web-based media stages on the planet. 

Meet Asha Beam. 

Splendid coder and owner of a Pi tattoo, Asha is ready to upset computerized reasoning when she is brought together with her secondary school pound, Cyrus Jones. 

Cyrus rouses Asha to compose another calculation. Before she knows it, she's unwanted her PhD program, they've traded pledges, and gone to work at a select tech hatchery called Ideal world. 

The stage causes a buzz, with a great many clients looking for customized ceremonies consistently. Will Cyrus and Asha's marriage endure the pressing factors of unexpected distinction, or will she become eclipsed...

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