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Meet Jane. Recently 

shown up to Birmingham, Alabama, Jane is a poor canine walker in Thornfield 

Domains—a gated local area brimming with McMansions, glossy SUVs, and exhausted 

housewives. The sort of where nobody will see if Jane lifts the 

disposed of tchotchkes and gems off the side tables of her all around behaved 

customers. Where nobody will think to inquire as to whether Jane is her genuine name. 


her karma changes when she meets Eddie Rochester. As of late bereaved, 

Eddie is Thornfield Bequests' most baffling inhabitant. His better half, Bea, 

suffocated in a sailing mishap with her dearest companion, their bodies lost to 

the profound. Jane can't resist the urge to see a chance in Eddie—not exclusively is 

he rich, agonizing, and attractive, he could likewise offer her the sort of 

security she's constantly longed for. 

However as Jane and Eddie fall 

for one another, Jane is progressively spooky by the legend of Bea, an 

aspiring magnificence with a poverty to newfound wealth history, who dispatched a 

fiercely fruitful southern way of life brand. How could she, invisible girl, 

at any point have what it takes? What's more, would she be able to win Eddie's heart before her past—or 

his—makes up for lost time to her? 

With tasty tension, sharp mind, and a new, women's activist reasonableness, The Spouse Higher up flips 

the content on an immortal story of illegal sentiment, silly 

fascination, and a spouse who just will not remain covered. In this distinctive 

rethinking of one of writing's most turned circles of drama, which 

Mrs. Rochester will get her glad completion?

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