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From the double cross Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of The Underground Railroad and The Nickel Young men 

A pandemic has crushed the planet, arranging humankind into two sorts: the uninfected and the contaminated, the living and the living dead. After the most noticeably awful of the plague is finished, military positioned in Chinatown's Fortress Wonton have effectively recovered the island south of Trench Road—also known as Zone One. Imprint Spitz is an individual from one of the three-man regular citizen sweeper units entrusted with clearing lower Manhattan of the leftover wild zombies. Zone One unfurls more than three strange days in which Spitz is busy with the everyday mission of stray expulsion, the afflictions of Dystopian Pressure Problem (PASD), and the incomprehensible assignment of dealing with a fallen world. And afterward things begin to turn out badly… 

Immediately a chilling harrowing tale and an abstract novel by a contemporary expert, Zone One is an astonishing representation of current human advancement in all its pitiful, shambling greatness. 

Search for Colson Whitehead's new novel, Harlem Mix, coming this September!

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