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An Arranged Marriage Standalone Mafia Romance. 

The first run through Cassio met his life partner, she called him 'Sir'. 

In the wake of losing his significant other, Cassio is passed on to deal with two little kids while attempting to build up his standard over Philadelphia. Presently he needs a mother for his kids, and somebody who can warm his bed around evening time. 

Be that as it may, in a customary world as his, picking your significant other is obligation not joy. 

Rules must be followed. Customs noticed. 

That is the means by which he winds up with a lady—a young lady scarcely old enough. She probably won't be what he and his youngsters need, yet she's fiendish flawless and a sweet enticement he can't help it. 

Giulia consistently realized she'd wed a man her dad decided for her. Just she never expected to be given to somebody a lot more established. 

Out of nowhere she should be a mother to two little youngsters when she hasn't held a child in her life. 

Giulia rapidly understands that Cassio isn't keen on a relationship on equivalent balance. Her mom consistently cautioned her that men of force like Cassio don't endure rudeness; yet, burnt out on being treated as a babysitter and confused youngster lady of the hour, Giulia chooses to battle for her vision of a glad family.

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