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Madoc and Fallon. Two offended youngsters messing around that push the limits among adoration and war . . . 

She's back. 

For the three years she's been away at all inclusive school, there was no word from her. A while ago when we lived in a similar house, she used to chop me down during the day and afterward invite me around evening time. 

I was moronic then, at that point, however presently I'm prepared to beat her unexpectedly . . . 

I'm back. 

Three years and I can see he actually needs me, regardless of whether he behaves like he's superior to me. 

Yet, I will not be frightened off. Or then again pushed down. I'll challenge his false front and retaliate. That is what he needs, correct? However long I stay on high alert, he'll never know the amount he influences me . . .

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